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Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlord/Tenant law refers to the rights and duties that landlords and tenants have to each other. This type of law can refer to both residential and commercial leases and includes the formation and signing of the lease, issues that can occur during the term of the lease, and the ways that a tenancy can end. The San Francisco Bay Area has some of the most protective landlord/tenant laws in the country, and landlords must follow a number of laws and ordinances when dealing with tenants. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we work with both landlords and tenants to understand their rights and obligations and help them navigate this complex area of law.

The law surrounding landlords and tenants has a number of issues that need to be carefully navigated. The rights and obligations of being a landlord or tenant are vitally important to understand. If you would like to discuss landlord/tenant law or require assistance with a lease, please contact our office for a free, thirty-minute consultation.

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