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Immigration Law

Here at the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we have assisted clients with a variety of immigration law issues, including employment-based petitionsfamily-based petitions, non-immigrant visas (including tourist visas), and naturalization. We also work with clients to ensure that they have the proper employment authorization documents to find work in the United States.

Employment-Based Immigration Petitions

Employment-based immigration law issues include both immigrant (green card) and non-immigrant visa applications. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we represent both employers and professionals in all areas of employment-based petitions, both on a temporary and permanent basis. Our clients span a wide variety of industries, including technology, the arts, academia, small businesses, startups, restaurants, and U.S. subsidiaries of foreign corporations, both those who are opening a new office and those whose offices are already established. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have as smooth a transition as possible.

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Family-Based Immigration Petitions

Family-based immigration law issues include temporary statuses (e.g. fiancé visas) and permanent residency. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we strive to help our clients reunite with their families as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-immigrant visas are visas granted to non-U.S. citizens to enter into the United States for a temporary period of time. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we have helped clients obtain a variety of non-immigrant visas, including but not limited to B-1/2 (Temporary Visitor for Business/Tourism), E-1 (Treaty Trader) and E-2 (Treaty Investor), F and M (Student), H-1B (Specialty Occupation), I (Media), L-1A (Intracompany Executive/Manager Transferee) and L-1B (Intracompany Transferee with Specialized Knowledge), O-1B (Extraordinary Ability in the Arts), and TN (NAFTA Professionals) visas.

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Naturalization is the way that a non-U.S. citizen becomes a U.S. citizen. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we help clients understand when they are eligible to naturalize and help them through the process. We understand the various requirements that naturalization applicants must meet before they qualify and we work with clients to ensure that they are prepared for their interviews and are ready for the civics questions that are part of the citizenship test.

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Employment Authorization

Employment Authorization Documents, also known as work permits, are documents that allow non-U.S. citizens to temporarily work in the United States. Certain non-U.S. citizens may qualify for a work permit based on their visa status. Employers are required to verify the identity and employment authorization of employees, and an employee’s valid work permit is proof of that authorization. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we help clients to determine their eligibility for a work permit and to apply for the authorization.

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