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Probate is the name given to the judicial process where a will, if one exists, is “proved” and where a person’s estate is distributed. In California, any estate valued over $150,000 must be probated and administered according to the court’s rules. If an estate is less than $150,000, then a “Small Estate” affidavit may be used to distribute the estate. At the Law Offices of Ryutaro Hirota, we work to ensure that clients are able to properly handle their loved ones’ estates as smoothly as possible.

The probate process has several parts and formalities that need to be followed to properly manage an estate. The process can be stressful and complex, especially if there are any issues that need to be resolved regarding the property in the estate. If you would like to discuss the probate process or require assistance with the process, please contact our office for a free, thirty-minute consultation.

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